This will be my last statement about the San Jose Sharks and their first round loss to the Anaheim Ducks…I think.

This morning I was listening to XM 204 and they were talking about “what went wrong in San Jose?”

Here’s what I think about that very stupid question:

Nothing went wrong in San Jose. Nothing. A team that finishes the regular season 53-18-11 = 117 points and wins the Presidents Trophy…you did nothing wrong. Unfortunately you met up with a red hot Anaheim Ducks team and you couldn’t keep up. You paid for the Stanley Cup experienced roster in the previous off season and they helped to lead you through a regular season in an alarmingly fantastic manner. HOWEVER…your regular season pace was too slow for the post season. Now, you’re claiming injuries. Every team claims their injuries when they’ve been eliminated…no room for excuses there. I still believe that Bobby Ryan was injured in game 5. You play through those injuries in the post season.

I really wish that people would stop pointing blame at what the Sharks did wrong. Instead maybe someone will finally say…a really good team lost to a much better team. End of story.


Enough of that madness, the Sharks are gone and the Ducks are moving on.

Tomorrow the puck drops on what will be a highly intense series in the NHL. Detroit hates Anaheim for the numerous upsets they have been dealt by the Ducks in the past and everyone else hates Detroit for being Detroit.

I won’t lie, they’re at the bottom of my list when it comes to opponents in the NHL. For various reasons that lie outside of their being the Yankees of hockey…I have to say one of those reasons is their fan base. I would LOVE to have a fan prove me wrong, and while yes, I can’t lump them all together…I’ve yet to meet a HUMBLE Red Wings fan. They apparently don’t posses the bone in their body that will allow them to say…hey, we lost because we didn’t play well. Or, yea…that team was better than ours. IF Detroit loses, the blame will always be on the opposing team or the refs.

So what does this mean to the Anaheim fan base? Look out. It doesn’t matter what you say about the Ducks or the Red Wings, you’re going to be wrong in their eyes. You can agree with them, and now you’re not a good enough Ducks fan. You can disagree, and they’ll be blaming YOU for the missed hooking call. You can be silent and sit back and watch and they’ll attack you for having no passion or pride in your team. It’s lose lose.

I suggest that the Anaheim fans do what they do best. Show up to games 3 and 4 and scream your ass off. Cheer like you’ve never cheered before. Wave your orange towel with pride. Suz Broughton and I will be doing just that during game 4…PROUDLY. I can’t wait!

I don’t care how many championships you’ve got. I don’t care that your fumbles in game 5 are the reasons for OUR cup. I care about tomorrow at 4pm (PACIFIC) when we meet you again in a classic battle of The NHL’s Untouchable Unicycle Wheel vs. The Always Underestimated Team that NO ONE Wants to Play.

Let the stress and the light-headedness begin!


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